We provide Hassle Free, BBB Accredited, CPA Approved Filings


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File 501c3 is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Los Altos, CA

Our Services Include:

  • Preparing IRS Form 1023 and/or form 1024
  • Drafting Corporate By-Laws
  • CPA Developed Budget
  • Respond to all IRS inquiries
  • Obtaining an EIN number
  • Preparing State Articles of Inc. (if required)
  • Other non-profit filings including 501c4, 501c6, etc.
  • Reinstate Revoked 501c3 & 501c4 Status

Limited Time Price Special - 501c3 preparation fee is $489 (state & federal filing fees additional)

Starting a 501C3 is simple:

Why Use Us?

  • We are a firm with a Certificated Public Accountant (CPA) licensed for over 18 years
  • Our CPA approved fillings have resulted in 100% approval rate from the IRS
  • Our CPA will provide guidance & consultation not just documents preparation
  • We will respond directly to all application follow-up inquires from the IRS on your behalf
  • We will stay with your file until you get the final approval letter from the IRS
  • Other CPA and Law Firms will charge over $3,000 for the same service
  • We have obtained 501c3 approval for over 1000 organizations



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