"We are deeply thankful to your firm for helping NEIO out in obtaining IRS 501(c) classification seven years ago. Without your help, NEIO wouldn't have been able to be exempt from federal income tax over the years, not to mention the unprecedented one-month-expedited process that granted us the 501(c) status. It allowed us to get additional funding every year to help Nepalese kids with their education. On behalf of the Nepalese children and NEIO, we truly appreciate the good work you have done and the good hearts from your firm over the years. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"
Wayne Cheung
Founder and Director
Nepal Education Initiative Organization

" I found this service through a google search. We are a new church and wanted to get our 501c3 filing done right away. The service that Priti did was handled professionally and fast. We were able to obtain our approval from start to finish in about 3 months. I would recommend this company to everyone that is need of filing for a 501c3 status. One of the other facts that I loved, was that everything was done through a phone call and email. There was no need to meet and go over documents. I am always so busy and this assisted me very much. Thank you 501c Filing Services. You are a blessing to us!"
Pastor Frank Hernandez

"Our non-profit counseling service has helped thousands of high-risk kids graduate from high school but all that was about to end after 31 years due to IRS and state red tape. We were lead to Priti Desai and her 501c Filing Services, LLP with nothing short of a miracle as the result. For a completely reasonable fee we got our state status back in less than two days and our federal paperwork in less than a week! All our dedicated volunteer board members and counselors are brilliant at what they do but none of us could even imagine facing the mountain of paperwork that stood between us and the program expansion our communities so desperately need. Priti conquered all that and gave us back our will to carry on. She is a gift to non-profits everywhere."
Fred Dillemuth
Live Oak Family Service

"When my husband and I decided to form a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization we were overwhelmed with paperwork and the legal implications. We checked with the Better Business Bureau and decided to hire 501c Filing Services, LLP. It was the best decision we made!  They took the hassle out of the process and walked us through every step. We were not the easiest client with our constant questions and desire to get everything done quickly! 501c Filing Services, LLP exceeded our expectations! In fact, we're even looking to hire them for some tax help in 2011!"
Rachel Ackerly
President & Founder
Cecily's Closet 

"Thank you for being so helpful and on top of things.  We would not have been able to navigate the IRS process to obtain our 501c3 without you."
Kelli Bristol
South Coast Roller Derby Sports

"You are doing a very good service. You are kind and provide a quality service which any non-profit organization that just starting needs. God bless your new year 2011 with bounty."
Glen Laboa
Potters Hand Global Outreach

"It was a pleasure doing business with you and your expertise was invaluable in help us get through the process. The 501c3 was secured and we couldn't have done it without you. I would recommend your service without reservation."
Rudy Poe
Imagine It Project

"We had searched the web for help filing our 501-c applications and must admit were a little overwhelmed with the choices. Many of the offers to help were quite expensive. We chose File501-c largely for the affordability of their service but were astounded at the level of attention they gave to our application. Beside a rapid professional filing we felt we got a friend who wanted to help us succeed at our dream. They made a complicated process simple for us and we highly recommend them."  
Michael Ewens
The Ripple Effect Inc.

"I was a little skeptical at first when I saw the website and how easy they claimed it could be to setup my non-profit.  My wife is a tax attorney and we had struggled for weeks trying to understand all the state and federal regulations.  After speaking to their friendly and helpful staff and a reference that was gladly provided we went ahead with the program. I was a registered non-profit within 5 weeks and we have had nothing but successful IRS interactions ever since.  I would strongly recommend using this service for your 501c3 filing needs. Thank you 501c Filing Services!"
Stephen W. Ramsden
Executive Director
The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project
Atlanta, GA

"501c Filing Services, LLP was instrumental in assisting us to achieve our goal of 501c3 status for The Pink Ribbon Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida. I highly recommend your services to those interested in setting up a non-profit foundation. You provided all the pertinent information, filed the documents we completed & assisted with any questions we had when creating our Board of Directors and by-laws. We have now provided our educational seminars on breast cancer to more than 1,500 women in our community."
Valerie Robinson and Linda Sylvester, MD
Pink Ribbon Symposium

"Hi Priti, 501c3 provided top rate service by completely handling our charity prison ministry status as non-profit charity with the appropriate agencies.  They offer first rate service, great customer service in a timely manner.  Prompt call returns and service makes 501c Filing Services, LLP the Best provider of services for your non-profit organization."
Paul Andrews
Uniting Nationalities Institutionalized

"I started a Fund in honor of my daughter. I contacted 501c3 online. They were very efficient and helpful. Priti had my approved status for my non-profit organization within a few months. Even though we wanted to get this fund started it was a difficult time for us losing our daughter. 501c Filing Services, LLP made this a very easy process for us. Thank you."
Tanya Burgess
Ashlee Sokalski Brraap Fund

"My name is Willie Briscoe I am the founder and President of Hope Leadership Foundation a faith based non-profit organization serving inner-city kids in San Diego.  I used 501c Filing Services, LLP in 2010 to start my foundation and it turned out great.  Priti helped in all areas of filing and guided me in the early months of formation.  She continues to help in maintaining my tax exempt status.  Hundreds of kids have been served already because of her diligence and help."
Willie Briscoe
Hope Leadership Foundation

"501c Filing Services made the IRS process simple and straightforward for us. We got knowledgeable, prompt and efficient service.  Our 501c3 was approved in a matter of a few months without any problems.  We are grateful to 501c Filing Services and highly recommend their services."
Fred Shepherd
Global Information Services

"Just like the name suggests, 501c Filing Services does what it set out to do, with minimum charges, the service is great nonetheless. Priti has been very helpful, a few meetings at Starbuck, she explained in detail the procedure for filing, then she did it all. Considering how professionals charge you by the minutes. Priti is professional with personal touch. Thanks, Priti."
Olivia Chang
Dana Compassion Foundation

"We were very pleased with 501c Filing Services, LLP during our process of becoming a non-profit. They were diligent, professional and knowledgeable.  They responded very quicly to our questions and requests and everything at a very affordable fee."
Claudia Castorena
Galilee Center

"501c Filing Services provided just what we needed when we needed it.  We searched for organizations that provide 501c3 filing service and found many to be confusing, unprofessional, onerous and most of all expensive.  501c Filing Services was anything but confusing.  They actually answered their telephones, returned your calls on time, and responded to your emails!  That is a wow!   Their process is fast, efficient, simple and most of all reasonably priced.  We owe our 501c3 status to 501c Filing Services and highly recommend their services.  I sure wish they would expand their services to grant writing! Thank you Ms. Desai!"
Concetta Germain
Housing Plus